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Audrey Grant has an international reputation in the field of bridge education. Her vision and committment have been key to the success of the Better Bridge series of books, TV shows, lectures, and the Better Bridge Magazine. She works with the best technicians in the world to make sure the material presented to the reader is up-to-date and authentic.

Audrey Grant Bridge Guide

New from Audrey Grant! Five Tips To Simplify Entries

Price: $13.95

Improve your declarer play. Make the most of the entries between declarer and the dummy, even some hiding in full view!

An entry is usually considered a high card to give declarer the chance to get to the dummy or to declarer’s hand. Yet an entry from one hand to the other has two parts. There is the winner in the hand you are trying to reach. Equally important is the lower-ranking Link Card that provides the transportation to the entry. Think of Entry as L’Entry as a reminder of the importance of the link card.

The Five Tips to Simplify Entries are intriguing, simple, and practical. You’ll be in charge of knowing how to improve your declarer play.

Essential ideas are summarized on the Bookmark for easy reference.
The front of the bookmark is the ABC’s of Declarer’s Plan. When declarer makes a habit of using Declarer’s Plan, declarer knows what’s going on in the deal before playing to the first trick.
The back of the bookmark is a summary of the Five Tips to Overcome Entry Problems.
On the front inside cover is a useful reminder that an entry is not just a high card but a relationship between a higher-ranking card and a lower-ranking link card. The word L’Entry is a reminder that the Lower-ranking Link is as important as the Entry.
The Probability of Suit Distributions in the Defenders’ Hands is included on the inside back cover as a guide when planning the play. 

The Collection of Practice Deals
The basics and finer points of entries are introduced through sixteen carefully-selected practice deals. The first deal is straightforward yet complete with the basic ideas about handling entries.
The last two deals were played by famous players, illustrating how the best players of all time handle complex entry situations. By the time you get to Deals 15 and 16, we’re confident you’ll be in a position to appreciate the art of the entry.
The deals are initially presented in a quiz format. The suggested bidding, opening lead, and the first step in planning the play are given. You decide the order that you should play the cards to make the contract.
Turn the page to see the recommended play with an explanation. The conclusion on this side reviews declarer’s plan and tips for overcoming entry problems.

Learn to Play with Audrey Grant

Learn To Play Bridge With Audrey Grant

Price: $46.95

This CD is based on Bridge Basics 1 - An Introduction, and is designed for the absolute beginner.

Options include:

Turn your speakers on and hear Audrey read the lesson material to you enabling you to concentrate on the hands and ideas being presented.

Practice Deals - play the hands at the end of every chapter with robots to help develop your declarer play.

Play the deals from the text and compare your results with those of an experienced player.

Quizzes - each of the 29 quizzes comes with ten questions. A progress screen keeps track of your progress & shows you where any mistakes occurred, thus making it easy for you to review the pertinent material.

There is also a section called "For the Curious" which gives extra tips when you are on defense.
System Requirements
Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/7 - Hard Disk space - 500mb
Now also available for the Mac
Mac Requirements: Universal Mac OSX 10.4 or later

The Impact of Opening Leads against NoTrump Contracts

The Impact of Opening Leads Against Notrump Contracts

How to Take More Tricks on Defense

Price: $12.95

It's generally accepted that defense is the most challenging part of the game. Audrey's latest book simplifies defense by taking a look at defending against notrump contracts. With a focus on the opening lead and how it impacts the subsequent defense, the book covers:
• Maxims for opening leads
- The oldest maxim, fourth from longest and strongest...and why it has stood the test of time.
- When to lead partner's suit...and which card to lead.
- Why you should avoid leading the opponents' suit...and what to do if you can't.
- What to lead from a sequence...and why it matters.
- When to lead the 'top of nothing.'
- When it's time to 'take the tricks and run.'
• Guidelines for handling entries
- When taking the losses early is the key to success.
- Why the high card from the short side works.
- Why playing two honors on the same trick can be good bridge.
- Why second hand high can be an expert play.

The book is for players with a wide range of experience and skill who want to play better bridge. It includes summaries and practice deals at the end of each chapter which reinforce the concepts.

2 over 1 Game Force with Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell

2/1 Game Force

Price: $26.95

This book covers the basics of Two-Over-One Game Force, a popular variation of Standard American bidding methods. The reader is shown how a small modification can make it easier for the partnership to:

* Get to the best game contract.
* Explore the possibility of slam.

It also describes how using a response of 1NT as a forcing bid can improve the partnership results, even on partscore hands.

The book is filled with helpful features such as summaries, quizzes, and carefully-constructed sample deals at the end of each chapter. Additional practice deals give the reader an opportunity to become more familiar with each of the concepts introduced in Two-Over-One Game Force.

Bridge At A Glance by Audrey Grant

Bridge At A Glance

Price: $13.50

Bridge At a Glance is a quick reference to the material in the award-winning Audrey Grant Bridge Basics series.

These summaries work in conjunction with the books which present the reasoning behind the guidelines.

Published February 2006, The booklet contains 32 pages.

Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction

This book starts at the beginning, introducing the mechanics of the game through its history. It covers the fundamentals of the three aspects of the game . . . bidding, play, and defense. The concepts and information presented are the most current and accurate available, developed with the assistance of the game’s top champions. The material is presented in a clear, well-organized format, moving smoothly from one topic to the next. Through this book you’ll be taking the first steps into the magical world of bridge.

Price: $15.95

BB1 EZDeal Color Coded Cards
Price: $11.00

Price: $29.95

Bridge Basics 2 by Audrey Grant

Bridge Basics 2 : Competitive Bidding

This book covers the concepts needed when both sides are bidding for the contract. It introduces the basic competitive tools--preemptive opening bids, overcalls, and takeout doubles. The concepts and information presented are the most current available, developed with the assistance of the game's top champions. This paperback which was published in October 2004, contains 202 pages.

Price: $15.95

BB2 EZDeal Color Coded Cards
Price: $11.00

Price: $29.95

Bridge Basics 3 by Audrey Grant

Bridge Basics 3 : Popular Conventions

Audrey Grant does it again with an amazing new book, Popular Conventions, the third book in a series. It covers everything from playing at a party table to a tournament table; Popular Conventions teaches you the core conventions that will strengthen your game for sure. It introduces you to the Stayman conventions, Jacoby transfer bids, the strong artifical two club opening, Blackwood and Gerber. This book gives you a chance to get ahead and win! This paperback was published in September 2007.

Price: $15.95

BB3 EZDeal Color Coded Cards
Price: Coming Soon

Price: Coming Soon

Improving your Judgement,
 Doubls by Audrey Grant Better Bridge


Understanding the manu uses of the double can dramatically improve your game. This book reviews the basics and introduces tools to improve your judgment. Topics covered include: The Takeout Double; Responding to (advancing) the Takeout Double; Rebids by the double and the advancer; balancing and other doubles. This book will introduce features of the double that you may not have considered and you'll be well placed to get better results in competitive auctions.

Price: $15.95 each
EZ Deal Cards - for Doubles: $12.50



Back by popular demand!

Price: $15.95 each
EZ Deal Cards - for Opening the Bidding: $12.50


Special Audrey Grant Teacher Discounts on Bridge Basics I, Bridge Basics II, Bridge At A Glance and Doubles. Discount does not include Teacher's Manuals.

10-29 books : 20%
30-49 books : 30%
50+ books : 40%

ACBL Commonly Used Conventions

ACBL Bridge Series - Commonly Used Conventions

Author: Grant, Audrey

Winner of the ABTA 2001 Book of the Year award

This book covers many of the conventions commonly used in tournament bridge. It includes the Stayman Convention, Jacoby Transfers, Jacoby 2NT, Drury, Truscott, Ingberman, Fourth Suit Forcing, Weak Two-Bids and Responses, and the Strong 2 Opening and Responses. There are extensive exercises at the end of each chapter along with sample deals showing the conventions in action. Together with More Commonly Used Conventions, this series covers everything on the ACBL's Standard American Yellow Card.

Price: $26.95 each

Teachers Manual $21.95

EZ Deal Cards for Commonly Used Conventions: Ask us

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ACBL More Commonly Used Conventions

ACBL Bridge Series - More Commonly Used Conventions

Author: Grant, Audrey

This book continues where Commonly Used Conventions left off. It includes Negative Doubles, SOS Redoubles, Landy, Michaels, Unusual Notrump, Blackwood, Gerber, Cuebidding, Leads, Signals, and Two-Over-One Game Forcing. There are extensive exercises at the end of each chapter along with sample deals showing the conventions in action. Together with Commonly Used Conventions, this series covers everything on the ACBL's Standard American Yellow Card.

Price: $26.95 each.

Teachers Manual $21.95

EZ Deal Cards for More Commonly Used Conventions: Ask Us

Discounts for More Commonly Used Conventions

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Buy 6-9 copies and save 15%
Buy 10-12 copies and save 20%
Buy 13 or more and save 25%

Audrey Grant Bridge Master - Declarer Play Tutorial CD

Audrey Grant's Bridge Master 2000

Author: Audrey Grant
Software By: Fred Gitelman (BridgeBase)

Bridge Master for Windows is an educational computer program that is certain to improve your declarer play technique. The program will present you with a series of instructional bridge deals to play. Bridge Master always defends perfectly. If you make a mistake as declarer, your contract will be defeated. Each deal is accompanied by an animated "bridge movie" that explains the correct line of play as well as the reasoning that leads to the solution. In this edition, Audrey Grant has designed 117 deals specifically covering basic play technique. There are also 30 more advanced deals included. Additional sets of deals are available.

PC Only
Price : Regular price $54.95. Now only $25.00

Additional sets of 30 deals are available for all skill levels.

Version B for all levels.
Version C for beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Version D available for intermediate and advanced.

Price: $17.95 each version