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Audrey Grant

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant

Learn To Play Bridge With Audrey Grant

This CD is based on Bridge Basics 1 - An Introduction, and is designed for the absolute beginner.

Options include:

Turn your speakers on and hear Audrey read the lesson material to you enabling you to concentrate on the hands and ideas being presented.

Practice Deals - play the hands at the end of every chapter with robots to help develop your declarer play.

Play the deals from the text and compare your results with those of an experienced player.

Quizzes - each of the 29 quizzes comes with ten questions.
A progress screen keeps track of your progress & shows you where any mistakes occurred, thus making it easy for you to review the pertinent material.

There is also a section called "For the Curious" which gives extra tips when you are on defense.

System Requirements
2000/XP/Vista/7 - Hard Disk space - 500mb
N ow also available for the Mac
Mac Requirements:
Universal Mac OSX 10.4 or later



Bridge Baron

Learn & Practice Conventions

Made by the makers of the popular Bridge Baron software. Practice conventions, including responses and rebids. Thousands of interactive quizzes and practice deals.

Volume II

Strong 2 Clubs, Blackwood, Preempts, Weak 2 Bids, Jacoby Transfers, Stayman and Takeout Doubles

Bridge Baron

Learn & Practice Conventions

Made by the makers of the popular Bridge Baron software. Practice conventions, including responses and rebids. Thousands of interactive quizzes and practice deals.

Volume III

Forcing NT, Unusual 2NT, Michaels Cue Bids, Splinters, Limit Major Raises, Negative Doubles and Jacoby 2NT.

Bridge Baron

Purchase both CD's


Bridge Clock

Bridge Clock

A game timer program that allows club games to run smoother


Bridgemaster 2000

Bridgemaster 2000

"Bridgemaster 2000" is an educational program that is certain to improve your declarer play. You are presented with a series of instructional deals to play. Bridge Master always defends perfectly. If you make any mistake as declarer , your contract will always be defeated. Each deal is accompanied by an animated "bridge movie"that explains the correct line of play as well as the reasoning that leads to the solution. This package also includes the "ACBL's " Learn To Play Bridge Software.

System Requirements

IBM compatible computer, Windows 95,98 or NT 3MB free hard disc space, CD rom drive, 8mb ram, at least 800x600 screen resolution

Bridgemaster - "Audrey Grant Better Edition"

This edition is designed specifically for novices and includes 117 deals created by Audrey Grant.

IBM compatible computer, Windows 95,98 or NT 3MB free hard disc space, CD rom drive, 8mb ram, at least 800x600 screen resolution

$54.95 On sale for the month of February for $25.00!
Bridgemaster: Add on Additional sets of 30 deals are available for all skill levels. Simply order hands for the skill level you found the most challenging. $17.95
Dealmaster Pro

Dealmaster is a powerful hand generator that is fast and easy to use. Flexible printout options make it great for teachers who want to teach a specific bidding situation and great for clubs to print out hand records. Also included is the program "Deep Finesse" which will show all makeable contracts on hand record printouts.

PC - Runs on all current Windows versions including XP but does not run on Windows 95 

Harrington, Pat

Introduction To Bridge - Play & Learn with Pat Harrington

Easy to use interactive lessons from a great teacher.
Lessons 1-6 assume no prior knowledge of bridge. Starting with themes like trick taking, trump suits, & bidding, you then go on to play of the hand & 1 level opening bids
Lesson 7-13 teach concepts like dummy points, takeout doubles, rebids, weak two bids , preempts, strong 2 club openings & Stayman There are 59 Lesson deals & 200 Bonus deals.

System Requirements - PC - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 ( 32 & 64 bit) 1024 x 768 Minimum moniter resolution
Mac - Mac OS x 10.5 or higher & an internet connection

Harrington, Pat Lessons 1-6 $44.95
Harrington, Pat Lessons 7 -13 $44.95
Harrington, Pat Buy Both for $80.00

O'Connor, Patrick

A First Book of Bridge Problems CD

This Interactive CD-ROM is based on the best-selling book, A First Book of Bridge Problems, that was named 2012 Beginner Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers' Association. Practice your declarer play with a top-class teacher giving you advice and feedback every step of the way – and with no opponents waiting impatiently for you to play a card! Animated diagrams make following the play a snap – and you can repeat an example as many times as you like!

PC or Mac running in Windows mode



Lawrence, Mike

Bridge Software by Mike Lawrence

Mike's Advice - Volume One

333 common but frustrating bidding problems are divided into 24 chapters.

Topics include :
Problems of the opening bidder
Responding to a takeout double
Finding the best rebid when your partner makes a one level response
Responding to an opening bid
Responders second bid

The material in Mike's Advice is important for new and aspiring players and it will be an excellent review for experienced players.
One of the hardest things to do is to get in tune with your partner's bidding. The questions in this software will help you do that.

Conventions used in Mike's Advice include:
Jacoby 2NT response to one of a major opening bid
Jordan 2NT bid when RHO doubles partner's one-of-a major bid
Raising Partner when RHO doubles on-of-a minor
Drury, one of the best kept secrets of bidding
Responsive doubles

Works on both PC & MAC

Lawrence, Mike World Champion Mike Lawrence Teaches Bridge These interactive software packages do not play bridge they teach bridge. Each disk contains 100 hands. While play progresses you are asked questions, given hints & taught to think & play like an expert.  
Lawrence, Mike

Private Lessions I

Topics include endplays, counting, squeezes, safety plays, percentage plays entries & mystery hands.

Requires Windows 3.1

Lawrence, Mike

Private Lessions II

Topics include loser plays, simple squeezes, dummy reversals, counting, crossruffing & trump coups.

Requires Windows 3.1

Lawrence, Mike


Addresses how to think when you are defending. Over 100 hands with explanations of how good defenders think about defense.

Lawrence, Mike


Topics include counting a bridge hand & includes hints on bidding, play & defense.

Lawrence, Mike

Counting at Bridge II

Bidding, Play & Defense : Over 100 hands covering bidding play & defense. As problems arise, Mike will offer leading questions, for you to answer , and will show you how to use the answers to find the solution. Lots of material on bidding, conventions and judgement. Also includes a special bidding quiz that answers common but perplexing problems that arise on a daily basis.

Lawrence, Mike

CONVENTIONS & the Judgement to Use Them and Defend Against Them

This package not only teaches loads of conventions, but instructs you how to defend them & avoid the traps of overuse many players fall into.
Topics include : Several kinds of splinter bids. A new kind of drury. The Jacoby 2NT response & how to cope when the opponents interfere Raising partners minor after interference Doubles of all kinds , Maximal, support & many competitive doubles D.O.N.T. Drop dead Stayman Competing against Micheals Secrets The Pros Use & Much more.

Windows 95 or higher

Lawrence, Mike

The Two Over One Bidding System

The most popular bidding system used by duplicate players in North America .This software comes with a variety of tools to allow you to maximize your game & slam bidding .You will find thorough explanations of the 2/1 bidding system, with & without competition. There are hundreds of hands you can bid with the computer to nail down your understandings. In addition to the 2/1 system , you will find a number of conventions that are optional , but which Mike highly recommends that you add to the system.

Windows 95 or higher