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ABBEY, Michael   Convention Retention $15.95
ACBL   (American Contract Bridge League)  
ACBL   Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2016 Edition $13.95
ACBL   Laws of Contract Bridge $12.95
ACBL   The Official ACBL Encyclopedia Of Bridge – 7th Edition $69.95
ADAMSON & SMITH   If I only Had A Heart – Bridge Over The Rainbow $23.95


  Deadly Endplay – A Pemberton Bridge Club Mystery $21.95
ALLAN, KEN   Shades of Gray: A Pemberton Bridge Club Mystery $19.95


  Lebensohl Convention $11.95
APELBAUM, JAY   Six steps to Winning Declarer Play $21.95


  I Love This Game $24.95
BAYONE, JEFF   A Taste of Bridge $23.95


  Bergen’s Best Bridge Tips $14.50
BERGEN, MARTY   Hand Evaluation $14.50
BERGEN, MARTY   Bergens Best Bridge Quizzes $11.95
BERGEN, MARTY   Negative Doubles - a must read for every partnership $15.95
BERGEN, MARTY   Introduction to Negative Doubles $11.95
BERGEN, MARTY   Understanding 1 NT Forcing $8.95
BERGEN, MARTY   Points Schmoints - (HC) $28.95
BERGEN, MARTY   Declarer Play the Bergen Way $26.95
BERGEN, MARTY   More Declarer Play the Bergen Way $26.95
BERGEN, MARTY   Bergen for the Defense $26.95
BERGEN, MARTY   Better Slam Bidding With Bergen $13.95


  Two Over One in a Nutshell $13.95

Cuebids in a Nutshell



  What’s Your Line – 100 instructive bridge problems $21.95
BIRD, DAVID   Famous Bridge Swings $22.95
BIRD, DAVID   Trick One   New August 2018 $23.95
BIRD, DAVID   Arrow Throught the Heart  $19.95


  Celestial Cardplay $25.00
BIRD, DAVID   Heavenly contracts $30.95
BIRD, DAVID   Bridge Endplays For Everyone $22.95
BIRD, DAVID   Bridge Squeezes For Everyone $26.95
BIRD, DAVID   25 Bridge Myths Exposed $21.95
BIRD, DAVID   Off Road Declarer Play $19.95
BIRD, DAVID   Somehow We Landed In 6 Notrump $21.95
BIRD, DAVID   Defensive Signaling at Bridge $21.95
BIRD, DAVID   Clever Plays In The Trump Suit $19.95
BIRD, DAVID   The Abbot, The Witchdoctor & The Disatrous Double $25.95
BIRD, DAVID   Winning Duplicate Tactics $21.95
BIRD, DAVID   52 Mistakes to Avoid $20.95
BIRD, DAVID / BOURKE, TIM   Saints and Sinners $19.95


  Bridge At The Edge $21.95
BIRD, DAVID / COHEN, LARRY   On the Other Hand $23.95


  SEE Seagram, Barbara further down this page  


  Big Deal    $30.95
BOEHM, AUGUST   Expert Hand Evaluation    $19.95
BOEHM, AUGUST   Wielding the Axe $15.50
BOEHM, AUGUST   Three No Trump In Depth   $14.95
BOEHM, AUGUST   Demon Defense & Demon Doubling $14.95
BOEHM, AUGUST   Matchpoints Versus Imps $14.95
BUTTLE, BILL   Out of Mind, Out Of Hand  
CAPRERA, DAVID   Sleeping on the Couch $23.95
COHEN, LARRY   My Favorite 52 $22.95
COHEN, LARRY   Larry Teaches Declarer Play at Suits $22.95
COHEN, LARRY   Larry Teaches Opening Leads $22.95
COHEN, LARRY   Larry Teaches 2/1 Game Forcing $22.95

Larry Teaches Doubles



Larry Teaches Defense  


COHEN, LARRY   Larry Teaches Declarer Play at Notrump $22.95
COHEN, LARRY   To Bid or Not to Bid - The Law of Total Tricks $24.95
COHEN, LARRY   Following the Law $19.95
COLCHAMIRO, MEL   How You Can Play LIke An Expert $28.95
COPLEA, CAROLE   Death In Duplicate $19.95
CHEN, JEFF   Bridge Crosswords $12.95
CHOW, LARRY   Defending Against NTs and Big Clubs $12.00
DARVAS   Right Through the Pack $19.95
DE SERPA, ALLAN   Sixpack - Adventures With Key Cards and Queens $21.95
DUNFRESNE, MARY ANN and ELLINGSEN, MARION   Bridge With Bells and Whistles $21.95
DUNFRESNE, MARY ANN   Playing a Bridge Hand – Just the Basics $15.95
FORQUET, PIETRO   Bridge with the Blue Team $39.95
FORRESTER   Secrets of Success $15.95
FORRESTER   Vintage Forrester - Selected Writings from The Daily Telegraph $23.95
FORRESTER   The Bridge Player's Bedside Book $27.95
FLYNN, ELIZABETH   The Eight Of Clubs Was Good $15.95
GITELMAN, FRED / Rubens, Jeff   Playing Suit Combinations   $19.95
GOODWIN , JUDE   Teach Me To Play - A First Bridge Book for 8 - 14 year olds $19.95
GRANOVETTOR, PAM & MATT   Conventions at a Glance - revised edition wiht over 30 new conventions. $10.95
GRANOVETTOR, PAM & MATT   Bridge Conventions in Depth $29.95
GRANT, AUDREY   Audrey Grant Teaching Aids | Audrey Grant Products Page  
HALL, BURT & ROSE-HALL, LYNN   How the Experts Win at Bridge $21.95
HARDY, MAX   Competitive Bidding with 2-Suited Hands $13.95
HARDY, MAX   Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century
A simplifies & updated presentation of the two-over-one game forcing bidding system for beginners, social players & other serious students of the game
  Advanced Bidding for the 21st Century
An up-to-date presentation of the two-over-one game frocing bidding system used by the top players in the world, including upgrades & refinements
HARRIS   Bridge Directors Companion - 6th Edition $23.95
HORTON, MARK   Last Board - Everything Depends on It $26.95
HORTON, MARK & KOKISH, ERIC   Close Encounters – Bridge’s Greatest Matches  New June 2018 $25.95
HUGHS, ROY   Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray & Sammy Kehela $25.95
HUGHS, ROY   Card by Card $21.95
HUGHS, ROY   Building A Bidding System $21.95
HUGHS, ROY   The Contested Auction $22.95
HUGHS, ROY   Further Adventures at The Bridge Table $16.95
JACOBS, BILL   Fantunes Revealed – Italian System $15.95
JACKSON, JIM   One Trick At a Time – How to Start Winning at Bridge $18.95
JUHL, JEPPE   Master of Bridge Psychology   New July 2018 $25.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Kantar for The Defense Vol 1  $22.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Kantar for The Defense Vol 2  $22.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Roman Keycard Blackwood $25.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Kantar on Kontract  $22.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense $29.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense $29.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   (See Software for CD versions of these titles)  
KANTAR, EDDIE   Topics in Declarer Play $29.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Introduction To Declarer's Play $19.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Take Your Tricks $18.70
KANTAR, EDDIE   Introduction To Defender's Play $19.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Classic Kantar - A Collection of Bridge Humour $19.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Take All Your Chances $21.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Take All Your Chances Volume Two $19.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders $23.95
KANTAR, EDDIE   Treasury of Bidding Tips $19.95
KANTAR/Terrence Reese   Defend with your Life $18.00
KELSEY, HUGH   Killing Defense At Bridge $24.95
KELSEY, HUGH   Bridge for the Connoisseur $25.95
KELSEY, HUGH   Kelsey on Squeeze Play $38.95
KELSEY/KAMBITES   ACOL Bridge for Bright Improvers $19.95
KIMELMAN, NEIL   The Right Bid At The Right Time $23.95
KIMELMAN, NEIL   Improve Your Bidding Judgement $19.95
KIMELMAN, NEIL   The Thin Fine Line $19.95
KLEINMAN, DANNY & NICK STRAGUZZI   The Principle of Restricted Talent $19.95
KLEINMAN, DANNY & NICK STRAGUZZI   Human Bridge Errors $21.95
KLINGER, RON   Modern Losing Trick Count   $22
KLINGER, RON   Right Throught The Pack Again $34.95
KLINGER, RON   Play with the Champions $24.95
KLINGER, RON   Better Balanced Bidding - the Banzai Method $28.95
KLINGER, RON   100 Winning Duplicate Tips $22.00
  100 Winning Bridge Tips $23.95
KLINGER, RON   50 More Winning Bridge Tips $14.95
KLINGER, RON   Improve Your Opening Leads $19.95
KLINGER, RON   Memory Aids & Useful Rules Flipper $9.95
KLINGER / JACKSON   Better Balanced Bidding - the Bonzai Method $26.95
KLINGER, RON/RIMINGTON, DEREK   Improve Your Bidding and Play $22.95
KOKISH, ERIC, HORTON, MARK   Close Encounters – Bridge’s Greatest Matches - Book 2  New November 2018 $29.95
KOKISH, ERIC, HORTON, MARK   Close Encounters – Bridge’s Greatest Matches  New June 2018 $25.95
LADERMAN, JULIAN   A Bridge To Inspired Declare Play $21.95
LADERMAN, JULIAN   A Bridge To Simple Squeezes $21.95
LADERMAN, JULIAN   Still Not Finding Squeezes $12.95
LADERMAN, JULIAN   Bumblepuppy Days  $24.95
LADERMAN, JULIAN   Play Bumblepuppy Bridge  $12.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Insights On Bridge - Moments in Bidding - Book One $28.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Falsecards   $22.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Opening Leads $21.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Card Combinations $16.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Dynamic Defense $17.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   How To Read Your Opponents Cards $16.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Judgement At Bridge $12.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Partnership Understandings $7.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Play Swiss Teams With Mike Lawrence $10.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Play Bridge With Mike Lawrence $19.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   The Complete Book of Overcalls $24.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Workbook On The Two Over One System $16.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Complete Book on Takeout Doubles NEW! $24.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Doubles – New Meanings for an Old Bid $18.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   The Complete Guide To Passed Hand Bidding $21.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   The Complete book of Hand Evaluation $19.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   The Complete Book on Balancing $23.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Tips On Card Play $25.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Tips On Competitive Bidding $21.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE   Tips on Bidding $21.95
LAWRENCE, MIKE                           All 3 Tips Books only $63.00
LAWRENCE / Wirgren, Anders   I Fought The Law of Total Tricks $18.95
LEVE, GUY   The Encyclopedia Of Card Play Techniques At Bridge $39.95
LOVE, CLYDE E   Bridge Squeezes Complete $27.95
LUKAS, PAUL & REUBENS, JEFF   Test Your Play as Declarer Vol I $18.00
LUKAS, PAUL & REUBENS, JEFF   Test your Play as Declarer Vol II $18.00
MARTINEAU, JOEL   Hand Of The Week – 52 bridge stories    New Spring 2018 $22.95
MCCANCE, IAN   The Setting Trick -Practical Problems In Bridge Defense $19.95
MCKINNON, ROBERT   Never a Dull Deal! Faith, Hope, and Probability in Bridge $23.95
MCMULLIN, EDITH   Adventures In Duplicate $5.95
MECKSTROTH, JEFF/SMITH, MARC   Win The Bermuda Bowl - With Me $24.95
MILES, MARSHALL    My System: The Unbalanced Diamiond $21.95
MILES, MARSHALL    Modern Constructive Bidding $23.95
MILES, MARSHALL    Inferences At Bridge $22.95
MILES, MARSHALL    Competitive Bidding In The 21st Century $22.95
MILES, MARSHALL    It's Your Call $22.95
MILES, MARSHALL    More Acurate Bidding $9.95

Last Call In The Menagerie


MOLLO, VICTOR   The Hog Takes To Precision - the Lost Menagerie Stories $21.95
MOLLO, VICTOR   Swings and Arrows ** New $21.95
MOLLO, VICTOR   Bridge In The Menagerie $19.95
MOLLO, VICTOR   Diamonds Are the Hogs Best Friend $19.95
MOLLO, VICTOR   Bridge in the Fourth Dimension $21.95
MOLLO & GARDENER   Card Play Technique $22.95
O'CONNOR, PATRICK   A First Book Of Bridge Problems $15.95
O'CONNOR, PATRICK   A Second Book of Bridge Problems $15.85
O'CONNOR, PATRICK   Buy Both Books $28.00
PERROUX, ALBERTO   The Blue Team: History of Bridge    New Spring 2018 $29.95
POMER, ELLEN & DOWNEY, NED   Standard Bidding with SAYC $21.95
POMER, ELLEN & DOWNEY, NED   Pocket Guide to SAYC $9.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   A Great Deal of Bridge Problems $23.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Why You Still Lose at Bridge $22.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Back Through the Pack $19.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Defend These Hands With Me $21.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Win the Big Match $17.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Clues from the Bidding $23.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Bridge Problems for a New Millenium $14.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Play or Defend $18.95
POTTAGE, JULIAN   Defend or Declare $17.95
POTTAGE & REESE   Positive Declarer Play at Bridge $19.95
POTTAGE & REESE   Positive Defense at Bridge $19.95
POTTAGE & REESE   The Extra Edge In Play $17.95
REESE, TERENCE   Story of an Accusation $29.95
REESE, TERENCE   Play Bridge with Reese $24.95
REESE, TERENCE   The Game of Bridge $19.95
REESE, TERENCE   Reese On Play $21.95
REESE, TERENCE   Play These Hands With Me $21.95
REESE/TREZEL   Accurate Card Play $21.95
REESE/TREZEL   Imaginative Card Play  $21.95
REESE / POTTAGE   See Pottage $17.99
REUBENS, JEFF   Expert Bridge Simplified - Arithmetic Shortcuts For Declarer $27.95
REUBENS, JEFF   The Secrets of Winning Bridge $25.95
RODWELL, ERIC   Bidding Topics $27.95
RODWELL, ERIC   The Rodwell Files – Secrets of a Bridge Champion $26.95
ROMM, DAN   Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You $19.95
ROOT, BILL   How To Play A Bridge Hand $21.95
RUBENS, JEFF / Gitelman, Fred   Playing Suit Combinations   $19.95
SCHOENBORN, MICHAEL   Bridge On A Shoestring   $21.95


  Declarer Play At Bridge - A Quiz Book $15.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA   Defensive Play At Bridge – A Quiz Book $15.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA   Bidding at Bridge - A Quiz Book $15.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Beginning Bridge $21.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Beginning Bridge EZ Deal cards $8.00
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Practice Your Bidding Series $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Stayman Auctions $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Jacoby Transfers $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Four Suit Transfers $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Splinter Bids  $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Jacoby Two No Trump  $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, LINDA   Roman Key Card Blackwood  $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & LEE, RAY   The Pocket Guide To Bridge $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & SMITH, MARC   25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know $21.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & SMITH, MARC   25 Ways To Compete In The Bidding $21.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA & SMITH, MARC   The Pocket Guide To Bridge Conventions You Should Know $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   More Conventions, More Practice  New November 2018 $19.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   Planning the Play - The Next Level   $22.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   Practice Makes Perfect – 25 Conventions You Should Know  Practice Hands $19.95

The Pocket Guide To Even More Bridge Conventions

SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   25 Ways To Take More Tricks As Declarer $21.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   The Pocket Guide to Defensive Play at Bridge $9.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know   $21.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   25 Ways To Be A Better Defender $21.95
SEAGRAM, BARBARA / BIRD, DAVID   The Pocket Guide to Defensive Play at Bridge $9.95
SHARIF, OMAR / BIRD, DAVID   Omar Sharif Talks Bridge $23.95
SILVERMAN, SHIRLEY   See Teaching Aids  
SIMON   Why You Lose At Bridge $15.95
SIMON   Cut For Partners $11.95
SMITH, MARC   Should I or Shouldn't i – Drawing Trumps At Bridge $23.95
SMITH, MARC   Enterprising bridge tales  New Fall 2018 $23.95
SMITH, NICK & POTTAGE, JULIAN   Bridge Behind Bars $21.95
STARK, ANDY   The Weak Notrump - How to Play It, How to Play Against It $ 22.95
STEWART, FRANK   Keys to Winning Bridge  $32.95
STEWART, FRANK   Play Bridge With Me  $29.95
STEWART, FRANK   Frank Stewart's Bridge Club  $21.95
STEWART, FRANK   My Bridge And Yours $18.95
STEWART, FRANK   World Of Bridge $29.95
STEWART, FRANK   Who Has the Queen - Bridge Players Handbook to Card Reading $21.95
STEWART, FRANK   What's your call $23.95
SWANSON, JOHN   Inside the Bermuda Bowl $19.95
SYDNOR, CAROLINE   See Teaching Aids  
TEUKOLOSKY, ROSELYN   How To Play Bridge With Your Spouse & Survive $19.95
THOMPSON, MATHEW   Bid More, Play More, Enjoy More, Win More $19.95
THURSTON, PAUL   25 Steps To Learning The Two Over One Game Forcing System $21.95
THURSTON, PAUL   The Rest of the Story   $23.95
THURSTON, PAUL   Pocket Guide to Learning 2/1 Systems $9.95
THURSTON, PAUL   Bridge At The Breakfast Table $19.95
TREBLE, BILL   he Big Payoff – Slam Bidding At Bridge   $22.95
TREBLE, BILL   Getting Into The Bidding – A Bridge Toolkit by Bill Treble $19.95
TREBLE, BILL   Two over One - A First Course  $23.95
TREBLE, BILL   Defensive Bidding @ Bridge  $19.95
TRUSCOTT, ALAN   The Great Bridge Scandal $29.95
TRUSCOTT, ALAN   Bridge in Three Weeks $13.95
TRUSCOTT, DOROTHY   Bid Better Play Better $17.95
VINE, Frank   The Bridge Writings Of Frank Vine $19.95
WATSON, WARREN   Preempts $23.95
WATSON   Play Of The Hand $19.95
WISS, Mike   How Not To Play Bridge $19.95
WOOLSEY, KIT   The Language of Bridge    $27.95
WOOLSEY, KIT   Partnership Defense $15.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2001 Paris $34.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2002 Montreal $34.95
  2003 Monte Carlo Bermuda Bowl $38.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2004 Istanbul $39.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2005 Estoril $39.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2006 Verona $39.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2007 Shanghai $39.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2009 Sao Paulo $41.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2010 Philedelphia $36.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2011 Veldhoven $39.95
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS   2012 Lille $39.95


WONG   The Amazing Queen – Winning With Your Queens $14.95