Bidding Boxes

Bidding boxes prevent bidding errors and keep noise to a minimum. They eliminate misunderstandings and there is no need to review the auctions since all the bids remain visible. Bidding boxes are suitable for play at home, club games and tournaments.

Bridge Partner Bidding Boxes
For 1 bid box - black only 15.00

In red, black and green.
Available with durable lacquered bidding cards or solid plastic bidding cards

Bridge Partner Bidding Boxes

Prices with lacquered bidding cards:

Per set of 4
10 - 19 sets of 4
$44.00 ea.
20 + sets of 4
$42.00 ea.
With solid plastic bidding cards:
per set of 4 $58.95
10+ sets $54.00 ea.
Laquered refills for bridge partner bidding boxes:  
per set of 4 $34.95
10 - 19 sets of 4 $32.00
20 + sets of 4 $30.00
Lacquered bidding cards for left handed players:  
per set of 4 $34.95
for 1 box only $10.00
Solid plastic refills for bridge partner bidding boxes:  
per set of 4 $42.95
10 + sets of 4 $40.00
Super Bridge Box with Solid Plastic Cards  

Easy to read cards and are perfect for both left and right handed players. Available in blue only.
$58.95 per set of 4
Replacement Cards for Bid Boxes
All replacement cards are the same size & can be used in any of our
listed bid boxes.
Replacement Pass cards in plastic

$0.70 ea.

Per set of 100
$0.60 ea.
Replacement 1 CLUB cards in plastic $0.70 ea.
Replacement DOUBL cards in solid plastic $0.70 ea.