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Continuing our efforts to reduce bridge withdrawal, we are now offering very helpful lesson material that is different from our AV online lessons.  The many tips and exercises in these lessons will enable YOU to greatly improve your game.  And you will LOVE the super-discounted prices.

Learn and improve with practical topics in PDF format.  Each of the 20 lessons are comprised of 3-6 extensive PDFs.  And for those eager to know “more,” all lessons include a bonus.


These lessons were previously sold at $20 each. - $28.00 cdn

However, here are the VERY special sale prices:

1+ lesson = $13 each (35% off) - $18 cdn

5+ lessons = $11 each (45% off) -  - $15.40

10+ lessons = $9 each (55% off) - $12.60

All 20 lessons = $6 each (70% off) - $8.50

** If anything is ever misplaced or lost, we will resend it promptly with no charge.  If technical help is needed, as always, we offer free, prompt support.


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The 20 Practical Lesson Topics

Lessons featuring Competitive Bidding (7)

What You Must Know About Negative Doubles

What to Do After Preempts (by your partner and your RHO)   

Improve Your Competitive Bidding           

Balancing Do’s and Dont;s                   

LOTT (The LAW of Total Tricks)

DONT (Disturbing Opponent’s NT)

Advanced Auctions After 1NT (including highly recommended DON’T Runouts)


Lessons on Declarer Play (5)

How to Execute Endplays And Squeezes

Good Slam Technique   

Declaring Pesky Partscores

Improve Your Declarer Play

Declaring a Suit Contract


Constructive Bidding Lessons (6)

Good Control-bidding (A must-read for good slam bidding)

Bergen on Bergen Raises

Opener’s Rebid

Improve Your 2/1  Game Forcing Bidding

Good Auctions After 1NT Forcing

Hand Evaluation       


Defense Lessons (2)

Trump Promotions and Uppercuts                

Opening Leads           



To get a feel for this type of lesson, we have a free demo.  Of course, the actual lessons are far more extensive than the demo.  To check out the demo,  click on this link: